Transition from GitX to Magit
Created at 2016-09-09T21:35:41.000Z

Here is a list of GitX features I was depending on and corresponding Magit way of doing that.

  • See diffs for each file and stage/unsage/discard part of changes.
    • In magit-status buffer, pressing tab shows and hides a part of diffs. Then, with selecting a part of diffs by usual emacs region selection (e.g. C-@), you can state/unsage/discard respectively as below keys:
      • s: stage
      • u: unstage
      • k: discard
  • Easy amending with previous commit.
    • Just c a from magit-status buffer.
  • Show graphical history tree.
    • Just l l from magit-status buffer.
  • Show conflict when rebasing
    • Conflict will naturally show up in magit-status buffer.