reading [DRAFT]
Created at 2016-10-13T15:39:40.000Z

Version of May 31, 2016

  • dynamic type
  • interface value instantiation (interface-typed value)
  • runtime form (memory layout) of unanimous field
  • nil-able type
  • pointer-able type
  • string implementation (slice)
  • interface method, non interface method
  • tuple return implementation (tuple type?)
  • scopes
  • top to bottom picture (package, import, declaration, statement, expression, opera{nd,ter})
  • untyped constant or whatever
  • comparison beteeen interface typed value and non interface typed value
  • interface value, interface type, dynamic type
  • it should talk about runtime error in the form of data structure (memory layout) used in runtime
  • it should talk about compile error in the form of compiler intermidiate form
  • don't talk about much of semantics
  • addresability is determined statically?
  • play with green thread and /proc/maps
  • stack or heap


  • goto
  • channel, lock/unlock
  • go routine (green thread)
  • type check
  • memory layout
  • GC
  • ffi