input interrupt [DRAFT]
Created at 2016-10-23T06:55:05.000Z


  • hierarchy

    • Device -> Kernel -> Driver (module) -> Device file -> User process
    • for tty-based process (e.g. bash), what's matter is only current /dev/tty (char device file).
    • for user program run from shell (without taking on /dev/tty), it's interactive input (stdin) is under shell's control.
  • how getty gets input at raw tty

  • how terminal on x gets input (x (window manager) needs to manage which application to send)

  • signal handler is polling?


  • how is input handling done in Urho3D/SDL?
    • does it need another thread to wait for input from window system?
  • let's start from basic ui library
    • xcb